Are you looking for a senior sparring partner, who can truly listen, challenge you deeply and act as a sounding board with care and empathy? Dr. Katja Kruckeberg is a coach first and foremost. In the past 20+ years she has coached and supported thousands of leaders and executives in different settings (at the individual, team  or group level) and first time CEO´s to make smarter decisions for themselves and the organizations. At the heart  of everything she does is her intention to support executives in making smarter, value-based decisions for themselves, their teams, their organization and the societies they are operating in. While every coaching process is unique, Katja offers a huge variety of tools and procedures that will be used in the coaching process at the client’s request. As a highly experienced international consultant of global organizations, Katja will help you to reflect and analyze the wider system you are operating in as well as taking a deep look at yourself and the (unconscious) emotional, mental and behavioral pattern that drive your leadership actions.

Her approach is unique as it is informed by her in depths interdisciplinary studies of organizational and human psychologies, business administration, neuroscience, sport medical science, and international relationships. Unlike traditional coaching models that primarily focus on correcting people’s weaknesses, Katja Kruckeberg is dedicated to the belief that people’s “key areas of opportunity” are their strengths, talents and unique set of personality traits and values.

Depending on the focus of the coaching assignments, the following aspects of leadership might be addressed:

  • Transition Coaching: prepare yourself for the next big leadership role
  • Leadership Excellence: Fine tune your leadership skills and increase your impact throughout the organization
  • Transformation: bring the organization behind a unifying purpose and vision and drive employee engagement and cultural change 
  • Influence: lead and communicate with presence and impact to build stronger alliances / and involve others in your strategies and your bigger picture
  • Collaboration: Increase your leverage by building a high performing board / executive team 
  • Change: Create lasting behavioral change for yourself and your teams by understanding how human change works on a deeper psychological and neurological level.  
  • Resilience: activate resilience buffers, and re-evaluate your deeper psychological secure base, your values, and areas of strength and passion to prepare yourself for a corporate ultra-endurance event.


No CEO—no matter how talented, visionary and inspiring—can succeed in business single-handedly. Digitalization, demographic shifts and the global pandemic are radically reshaping the world of business. To survive, organizations are being forced to fundamentally change their business models, evolve their products and services, redefine the customer experience, and work more efficiently and effectively. Transformation on this scale is only achievable if CEOs are able to fully leverage the most powerful weapon they have at their disposal: the high performing executive team.

Signs that your executive team is high-performing include for example fewer organizational silos, greater collaboration, and improved business outcomes that align with your priorities and strategy. Katja can work with you to assess the current effectiveness of your executive team, then partner with you for executive team building and senior leadership team development to create lasting change. 

Global Leadership Excellence advocates for investment in the learning and development of board members. There are clear benefits for those that do: 

It helps build trusted relationships and the team
Boards that spend time in reflective and learning mode tend to communicate in more depth and do more straight talking with each other on the topics that really matter.  By doing that, they develop a level of trust that enhances board team performance. Often the board has little time in board meetings to get to know each other, as everyone is focused on the job at hand. Taking time out for board development allows board members to interact in a less structured environment, and the resulting relationships are more resilient when the going gets tough.

It shows that the organization values continual learning
The culture of an organization is set by the board, and permeates throughout the organization. By investing in board development, a clear signal is sent that the organisation values continual learning. This will encourage staff to continuously learn and develop, creating a vibrant learning organization.

It increases innovation and  improves performance
Organizations that invest in people development are the most likely to be at the cutting edge of new innovations. In his 2014 study on Innovation, Productivity and Training Beniot Dostie shows that increasing training leads to increased innovation. Linked to an increase in innovation, increased investment in learning and development leads to improved performance. People who have been trained well in how to do their jobs are more likely to do them better.

It gives a competitive advantage
Leading on from research on the links between learning and development and innovation and performance, we can also infer that learning and development opportunities offer competitive advantages in the form of both improved processes, and also an increased likelihood of new products or services to meet clients’ demands.


Offsite meetings are one part of an extended conversation – about the customer, the strategy, the goals, the structure you need, the culture you want to establish, the level of involvement of people  – in and outside of the team-, the progress you are making. Offsite meetings are an opportunity to bring people together to make decisions so you can go back to the office afterwards and start taking action. Offsite meetings are also an opportunity to break the pattern of thought, behavior and emotions that (often unconsciously) drive much of the teams performance / or failure.

However, if participants do not understand (or agree on) what outcomes they’re driving toward, or don’t feel their voice is being heard, your offsite will derail before the first coffee break. Attendees walk in the door with different priorities. They often represent different roles in the business, and their performance may be judged by different measures. At the very least, they’ll have different backgrounds, personality types, and communication styles.  In an offsite need we need to be able to integrate all of these differences in order to achieve great results. Diversity in the team can be your greatest asset, however if not handled well, it can also be your greatest nightmare.

Katja Kruckeberg will help you to reflect on the desired outcomes of your leadership offsite meetings, she will assist you to decide on the right strategies how to get to this desired outcome, she will design the flow of the offsite meeting with you and can facilitate the event as a five star moderator of global business meetings.

With the offsite meetings you can create momentum. However, Katja believes if offsite meetings only lead to new cognitive insights, you have wasted your time; if the team´s learning leads to new insights that inspire the relevant  cognitive, emotional and behavioral changes and strong actions, then you have harnessed the power that can change the direction of your team´s performance.


What kind of leadership-development impulse, program or curriculum is right for your organization? The answer, of course, is a learning event that reflects your organization’s key leadership competencies and builds lasting leadership capabilities at all levels. Katja´s track record—and her proven approach to designing  Leadership-Development Events for the world’s leading organizations—makes her the ideal partner for global organizations that are seeking enduring solutions for their leadership-development needs.

No matter what the situation may be, she works closely with the client organizations to ensure that she provides their leaders with challenging growth opportunities that build their confidence and bring their contribution to the organization up to the next level.

As she has got a library of existing material and resources, she can design and develop value-added, cost-effective programs that focus on  current issues leaders face today. 

Katja is exceptionally flexible and also willing to work with her clients’ existing content, integrate her work with programs the organization already has in place, or collaborate with the organization’s other vendors if appropriate. Her aim is to ensure that the Leadership-Development initiatives link with the organization’s vision, mission, and strategy, as well as any other important organizational initiatives.


Katja Kruckeberg business presentations are particularly in demand by organizations looking for a visionary catalyst. Katja Kruckeberg delivers out-of-the-box thinking and can inspire your audience with the positive, action-oriented messages communicated in her speeches and with her dynamic personality. She is equally happy delivering her presentations in English or German. Her speeches circle around her core topics of leadership, transformation and change integrating both her insights into global business of two decades as well as information nuggets from neuroscience, cognitive science, and behavioral psychology. 

These customized presentations are valuable for top management, middle management and professionals of global organizations who are interested in learning about leadership topics and the ingredients of top performance.


Having worked with hundreds of organizations and thousands of leaders across the globe, Katja´s experience shows sometimes investing in training and coaching alone is not enough to generate the leadership performance you need to reach your goals. Leadership consulting is a holistic way of looking at the leadership capacity in your organization to maximize its alignment with your business goals and turn it into your ultimate advantage.

Katja´s comprehensive leadership consulting solutions are specifically designed to optimize the interaction between your systems, structures, and people. Her consulting model looks at various activities in the organization through one single lens: improving your leadership effectiveness. Katja´s approach includes 5 steps:

The first step includes working with your senior executives to understand the strategic goals of your business. Here we examine what necessary leadership requirements are, in order to execute this strategy. In the second step the outcomes of this first steps will be deepened and validated. This is done by working in close partnership with your HR team to develop a comprehensive analysis of your business’s current leadership capability. Next, your leaders will be engaged to review the outcomes of the previous stage. This helps to establish a clear picture of the leadership culture, processes, and behaviors your organization will need to put in place in the short, medium and long term. We then share this vision with your leaders, ensuring the rationale is clear and that we have their commitment to deliver these benefits to your business, clients, people, and the leaders themselves. In the next phase, a set of solutions will be designed to bring your processes and leaders in line with each other and take you closer to your organizational goals. In the final stage, the impact of the consulting process will be evaluated, and actions defined to ensure you can maximize your organization’s leadership capability over time.

„Inspiring. Motivational. Katja really is an expert in her field. Great speaker. Good to listen to!“

Andrew Harton
MBA Programme Member at Henley Business School

Katja knows her stuff, she knows how to handle a group and she is fun to work with.

Jerome Stuart
IT-Consultant, UK

After her lecture, I felt very inspired to use some of her messages to work on my own leadership issues.

Sonja Schmidt
Marketing Manager at Global Retailer Company