Keynotes and Dinner Talks

Katja Kruckeberg business presentations are particularly in demand by organizations looking for a visionary catalyst. Katja Kruckeberg delivers out-of-the-box thinking and is able to inspire any audience with the positive, action-oriented messages communicated in her speeches and with her dynamic personality. She is equally happy delivering her presentations in English or German.

Katja Kruckeberg offers a program of tailor-made business presentations on her core subjects:

  1. Ambidextrous Organizations & Innovation
  2. Digital Leadership & New Work
  3. Collaboration & Team Excellence
  4. Strength-based leadership development
  5. CHARISMA: how to have an impact!
  6. Personal Excellence / Team Excellence
  7. Personal Health and Energy-Management

These customized presentations are valuable to Top Management, Middle Management and professionals who are interested in learning about leadership topics and the ingredients of top performance.