Professional support and assistance for executives

Katja Kruckeberg supports executives in making smarter decisions and encourages them to execute the right actions for themselves, their teams and their organization. This is primarily done through careful analysis, dialogue, effective listening, scenario planning, action planning and encouragement. While every coaching process is unique, Katja offers tried and tested tools and procedures that will be used in the coaching process at the client’s request.
Unlike traditional coaching models that focus on correcting people’s weaknesses, Katja Kruckeberg is dedicated to the belief that people’s “key areas of opportunity” are their strengths, talents and unique set of personality traits and values. Depending on the focus of the coaching relationship the coaching might support you to:
1. Develop your leadership skills
2. Get more return on your (personal) investments
3. Diagnose the performance capabilities in your team / organization
4. Develop your team appropriately
5. Navigate yourself, your team and your organization through times of change
6. Rediscover your areas of strength and passion
7. Evaluate your Circles of Life: Make smarter decisions in life and business
Unlike a business consultant who does the work for you, Katja Kruckeberg works with you to get the results you want.

“I had the pleasure of conducting a Leadership Development program needs analysis with Katja at Canon Europe. Katja expertly challenged my thinking to improve the process of gathering leader development intelligence. She clearly has high standards for what she does. Moreover, she has an exquisite way of working together towards a common goal. I highly reccommend Katja for any leader or management development intervention as she combines expertise with insight to get great results.”
Eros Sharma, Leadership Development, Canon EMEA