"Inspiring. Motivational. Katja really is an expert in her field. Great speaker. Good to listen to!"

− MBA Programme Member at Henley Business School

"My life has changed tremendously since I started the strengths coaching process with Katja Kruckeberg. I have got promoted twice and I feel like I am both a much better manager and leader."

− Tim, Level 4 Manager at global Communications Company

"Excellent business coach. Competent, creative and excellent to talk to. Working with Katja prepared me for the next leadership challenge."

− Jaron, Managing Director, London

"Very professional, very German! Katja knows her stuff, she knows how to handle a group and she is fun to work with."

− Jerome, IT-Consultant, UK

"Great speaker. Fun to listen to. After her lecture, I felt very inspired to use some of her messages to work on my own leadership issues."

− Sonja, Marketing Manager at Global Retailer Company